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Polish Information Processing Society

International Multiconference
on Computer Science and Information Technology

October 12–14, 2009. Mrągowo, Poland

Proceedings. Volume 4

ISSN 1896-7094
ISBN 978-83-60810-22-4
IEEE Catalog Number CFP0964E

Multiconference Proceedings (PDF, 66.108 M)


4th International Symposium Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications

First International Workshop on Business Intelligence

Computational Linguistics – Applications

9th International Multidisciplinary Conference on e-Commerce and e-Government

1st International Symposium on Intelligent Mobile Technologies for Social Change

Workshop on Medical Informatics and Engineering

2nd International Symposium on Multimedia – Applications and Processing

International Conference on Principles of Information Technology and Applications

Workshop on Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks

2nd Workshop on Advances in Programming Languages

Workshop on Computational Optimization

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